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Regions Hospital - Mental Health Campaign - Bill Sands“I have experienced firsthand the pain of mental illness — after years of ineffective treatment for depression, my sister took her own life — so I know the importance of quality care. That is why Susan and I contributed to the Campaign to Transform Mental Health Care, and why I volunteer on the campaign committee.”

- Bill Sands, campaign committee member

Regions Hospital Foundation is conducting a $6 million effort to help transform the way mental health care is offered in our community and beyond. Through June 2013, the community had contributed more than $5.4 million toward this initiative.

You can make a difference, too, either through a financial gift or by sharing your story. If you want more information, please contact Regions Hospital Foundation at 651-254-2376 or by email. You can also read Regions Hospital Foundation’s winter 2012/2013 newsletter, which is devoted to the Campaign to Transform Mental Health Care.

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