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Supporting holistic cancer care

A note from Christine Sand

Regions Hospital - Foundation - Christine Sand

The worst phone call I ever received was when I was told the lump I found was cancer. I felt helpless and had no idea where to turn for care. With so many options in the Twin Cities, how does one decide where to go for treatment? Of course quality care is important, but successful cancer treatment demands so much more. You want a team of specialists working together for you. You want to go to one place for all of your care and receive it close to home. You want to access the best research and clinical trials. And when treatment is over, you want the continued support of medical professionals, because treatment is just part of the process.

This is what Regions does every day for families like mine. In addition to traditional cancer treatment, Regions offers yoga, support groups, alternative medicine classes, cancer-free eating courses and more. You can also access an extensive cancer library.

Such support programs help make the Regions Cancer Care Center our community's provider of holistic cancer care. Unfortunately, health insurance does not pay for many of these programs, making charitable contributions so important. The fact that Regions provides more charity care than other hospitals in our service area makes it even more dependent on philanthropy.

Please join me in supporting the Regions Cancer Care Center. I hope you and your loved ones never need to use the center, but if you do, know you are going to the best place in the Twin Cities.

Christine Sand
Former Board Member, Regions Hospital Foundation