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Experiencing family-centered care for memory loss

A note from John Sullivan

Regions Hospital - Foundation - John Sullivan

A few years ago, my mother’s behavior began to change. She was becoming more forgetful, which was very concerning for my siblings and me. We were also saddened by how this affected her desire to be with other people. Her primary care physician offered little help or hope.

About that same time, I attended the first annual Alzheimer's Fundraising Breakfast, hosted by Regions Hospital Foundation, where I learned about the HealthPartners Center for Memory and Aging. With that knowledge, I brought my mother to visit David Tullar, a physician assistant in the center. An MRI he recommended showed the affects of her age-related memory loss. David suggested a change in my mother's medications, but he went well beyond that prescription, visiting with my family at length about how we could support our mother and help improve her quality of life.

In my experience, that willingness to spend time with a family and to focus on life outside of the exam room is unique. That quality of care has a powerful impact on the lives of families like my own. When you consider how many people are affected by age-related memory loss, these services provide an incredible resource to the community.

Whether you attend the Alzheimer's Fundraising Breakfast or give a financial gift, I hope you will join me in supporting the Center for Memory and Aging.

John Sullivan
Board Chair, Regions Hospital Foundation