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Critical care immersion

Regions Hospital has developed a program for new grad nurses who have a passion to become a long term critical care nurse at Regions Hospital. Our Critical Care Immersion Program is an 18-month learning experience for new registered nurses. Qualifications for this program include a new grad RN who hold a BSN or BAN, GPA of 3.0 or higher and experience in an ICU setting. Nurses are hired as cohorts twice a year. Initially, the nurses are orientated to and work a telemetry or progressive care unit. Upon completion of orientation (Phase I), the nurse will progress to independently caring for patients on this same unit (Phase II); this provides opportunities to enhance time management, documentation, prioritization and assessment skills. Near the end of Phase II these nurses will spend one shift “shadowing” in each of our four critical care units. This will help them understand what the nurses’ role is in each of these critical care areas. During this time, the immersion nurses are supported by preceptors, decentralized nurse educators, nurse managers, a director of nursing and many wonderful peers. After spending several months on the telemetry or progressive care unit (Phases I and II), the new grads will transfer to one of our ICU areas and begin critical care orientation (Phase III). The ICU assigned to the CCI nurse is depending on ICU staffing needs, among other considerations. Once the nurse has progressed to having an independent assignment in the critical care unit he/she is in Phase IV. While this program is customized for each nurse, the goal is to help each nurse reach phase IV within 18 months of hire.

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This program accepts applications twice a year (spring and fall) for a limited time. Applications are only accepted when posted. To see, please visit the Regions Hospital Career Site.

Derek Berndt, Sharonne Ekobena and Angie Platts joined the CCI program in Feb 2016.