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Cultural diversity

"Cross cultural care is not just about 'other' cultures. It's about recognizing the effect of cultural values, which we all have, on health."
—Mary Brainerd, CEO HealthPartners

At Regions we are committed to embracing and providing culturally competent care. The rich diversity of our nursing staff supports an environment where patients’ values and beliefs are part of their individual plan of care. We are proud of our culturally diverse nursing staff and value all that they bring to their patients and their team.

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Angela Mackay - Regions nurse

"More and more our patient’s population continues to be culturally diverse. One of the greatest things about working at Regions hospital is that, the diversity of the patients often mirrors the diversity of the staff. Patient feels included in their plan of care regardless of cultural background. The rich diversity of the staff creates an environment where patients’ cultural beliefs and values are incorporated into their individual care plans."
—Comfort Nkengla RN, MSN, Decentralized Nurse Educator

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Maria Keita - Regions nurse

"Since I began my nursing career at Regions in 2007 I have witnessed great sensitivity to all forms of diversity and multiculturalism including but not limited to: age, gender and gender identity, race, color and ethnicity, nationality and national origin, religious affiliation and creed, and sexual orientation. At Regions we embrace our differences and this is one of the things I like most about working here."
—Angela MacKay RN, Behavioral Health

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Maricel & Elsbeth- Regions nurses

"In our multicultural work environment, there is a lot of sharing and understanding of beliefs and experiences. Our diverse healthcare team makes our patients feel more comfortable and enhances patient care and patient satisfaction.” “Thank you Regions Hospital for having me; I feel loved and accepted to share my diverse knowledge, skills and experience."
—Maricel Tropezado RN, Master of Arts in Nursing, Charge Nurse, Post-Partum

"Regions Hospital has given me an opportunity to become part of a very welcoming health-care team in the Birth Center that works together to serve a diverse population within our community. As a new nursing graduate, I have felt welcomed and comfortable throughout my orientation, and I am proud to become a member of this wonderful team."
—Elsbeth Bisbal RN, BSN


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