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Eras of Ancker nursing

About Ancker School of Nursing

Some interesting information from the book Ancker Memories 1891–1976 and various Ancker School of Nursing brochures are shown below:

The student nurse of today learns to:

  • Give complete care and promote positive health for the individual, family and community
  • Work with others and participate in civic activities
  • Evaluate her progress and provide a solid base for development

Student welfare policies

  • Weights are recorded monthly. Any change from the normal is given attention.
  • Ten days sick leave are allowed in the three-year period. All sick leave over 10 days must be made up.

Social & cultural opportunities

A full-time social director helps plan student activities. Some of the activities are class dances, a Junior-Senior banquet and prom, teas, basketball team and glee club.

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