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Men in nursing

The number of men in nursing in the United States has slowly been on the rise. At Regions, nearly 11 percent of our RNs are male, compared with the national average of about 6 percent.

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Image: Men in Nursing Charles

Charles is a nurse manager in Behavioral Health.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, Charles decided to pursue a nursing degree because he truly likes helping others. Charles joined Regions in 2005 as a staff nurse in Behavioral Health. In 2007, he was promoted to nurse manager of the newest behavioral health inpatient unit. Charles came to Regions because of the learning opportunities (teaching hospital) and the rich diversity in our patients and staff; Charles has stayed at Regions because of the people he works with and the patients he cares for.

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Image: Men in Nursing Kelly

Kelly is a nurse on the Neuroscience unit.

After his training in physical therapy, Kelly decided it was not the career for him. His wife suggested nursing; Kelly then graduated from nursing school in 2002 and today, he loves being a nurse.

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Image: Men in Nursing Robert

Robert, RN, works in the Digestive Care Center at Regions.

Robert planned to become a physical therapist but later decided to pursue a nursing career because of the good job market. What he likes most about being a nurse at Regions is the people and patients he works with. He enjoys the opportunity to care for people and likes to help them feel better. He also likes working with the physicians on a one-on-one basis in the Digestive Care Center.

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Nurse Ryan

Ryan, RN, works in the Emergency Department.

“I was interested in the nursing profession from a very young age, and I have followed in my mother’s footsteps. I believe that many men don’t know there are many educational opportunities in the field of nursing,” he said. “I love the variety of emergency nursing; working in the Emergency Department at Regions allows me to work with medical students, residents, staff physicians and physician assistants. The teaching they do is endless and they listen to nurses. The Emergency department is a very dynamic environment but we are able to deliver the best care possible to every patient.”