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Newly hired nurse orientation

Regions Hospital nurse working with medical equipment

Central nursing orientation

Nursing staff begin their careers at Regions Hospital by participating in Central Nursing Orientation (CNO). CNO includes didactic learning in a classroom setting, simulation, experiential learning through practical skills sessions, and e-learning. During the didactic portion, nursing staff have an introduction hospital policies, protocols, and other topics related to nursing practice. With this foundation, new nursing staff participate in a simulation experience in the HealthPartners Clinical Simulation center and practical skills session. Nursing staff also learn to navigate the Electronic Health Record system (EPIC). After completion of CNO, staff continue on to cluster (or unit) orientation, partnering with nurse educators and specially trained preceptors for an in-depth, unit-based orientation.

Nurses new to acute care nursing education

At Regions Hospital, we do our best to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment so you are comfortable in your new role. For newly graduated nurses or those new to the acute care hospital environment, the transition can be complex. After completing CNO, those new to acute care nursing attend a special simulation classroom training designed to further develop your skills in recognizing and responding to patient conditions specific to the acute care setting. The class “Caring for the Acute Care Patient” provides an opportunity to share your orientation experiences with other new RNs and gain confidence in your new nursing role. Course participants participate in simulation hands-on experiences, debriefing sessions after clinical scenarios, and discussions related nursing care of the patient or any pertinent policies or procedures. The class provides a positive and safe environment in which to explore questions related to the practice of acute care nursing.

Progressive care program

The design of Progressive Care orientation is for nurses new to a higher acuity patient population. The program covers elements of decision-making when faced with a patient in acute distress, as well as patients with a higher time commitment for caregiving. The cohorts occur four to six times annually, depending on the need for education. The classes combine interactive lecture content, case studies, and hands-on experiences in the HealthPartners Clinical Simulation lab.

Critical Care Program

The Regions Hospital Critical Care Program orients nurses who are new to the critical care practice area. The program curriculum design provides a foundation of critical care nursing practice, to enable nurses to be comfortable, confident, and competent to care for the complex critical care patients we see at Regions Hospital. The curriculum uses multiple learning modalities including interactive lecture content, case studies, and hands-on experiences in the HealthPartners Clinical Simulation lab.