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Professional recognition program

The purpose of this program is to professionally and financially recognize staff nurses who:

  • Are actively involved in achieving goals and sustaining outcomes of the nursing annual plan and of their units’ specific goals.
  • Work beyond the scope of their staff nurse role to make these impacts.

The program framework consists of two areas of work:

  • Achievement of points via a variety of categories and opportunities.
  • Successful completion of a major project with measurable outcomes that impacts our annual plan.

This is the only program of its kind in the Twin Cities.

Meet two of our recipients

Linda, RN, cardiology

“Linda is a charge nurse one of our cardiology units. She identified a need and took initiative to find a solution. Linda recognized that new nurses who were just off of orientation seemed to be struggling and lacked confidence and connection with the cardiology team. So Linda developed a specific mentor program that starts at the end of orientation for all RN hires. The results have been impressive, new nurses feel welcomed and supported, retention of new staff is high and current staff feel more engaged and empowered to make a positive difference.”

Lisa, RN, Cardiology

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Image: Lisa RN Cardiology

“I have pursued the Professional Recognition Program (PRP) opportunities at Regions for several reasons. It is very satisfying to identify an opportunity, and to lead the work that results in us providing exceptional care for our patients and their families. I have met so many great people working with different departments through my PRP projects. It is so inspiring to see the “dots connecting!” I have been invited to speak in front of several committee groups on my findings and have had opportunities for input. I have also benefitted financially as the extra funds have been used as I further my degree. It is just a great opportunity for RN's!”