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During your stay

As a courtesy, please be respectful when other patients are trying to rest, follow visiting hours, and treat hospital property and equipment with care.

To provide you with the best care, we request that you:

  1. Tell the doctor and nurse everything about your condition.
    This includes all symptoms, all medications you are taking (including over-the-counter and herbal medications) and your past medical history.
  2. Ask questions.
    We want you to be an informed and active partner with us in your care. Please write down any questions you have during your hospital stay and ask your care team to answer them. If you are given a medicine that you do not know about, ask us to tell you about the medication before you take it.
  3. Let your doctor or nurse know if you experience changes.
    This includes any changes to your condition or any new symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or lack of appetite. Tell your nurse if you are experiencing pain.
  4. Speak up.
    It is important to us that you understand the tests and procedures being done while you are in the hospital. If you would like another staff person present any time a test or procedure is being performed, please tell your nurse or other staff member before the procedure starts. Talk to your nurse if you have questions about your tests or why they are needed.
  5. Tell us about anything that you feel is unsafe or not right.
    This includes things that make you nervous during your procedure as well as things you may hear or see around you.
  6. Respect other patients, the staff and the hospital.
    We ask that you and your guests respect other patients’ privacy and treat the staff with respect. Please pay your medical bills on time, and treat hospital property and equipment with care.