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Outreach services

Supporting patient care in east Metro & western Wisconsin communities 

A familiar story

As a health care provider or administrator in one of Minnesota or western Wisconsin’s smaller or more rural communities, you want your patients to have fast and easy access to medical specialties when they need it. Some specialties and diagnostics may not be established within your community, and considering the high demand for providers in selected specialties and the expense of some diagnostics equipment, you need a viable solution.

Keep it local

Our underlying philosophy in partnering with you is to supplement, not replace, the great care that you already give patients in your medical practice. We want to lend you and your community our medical and operational expertise, as well as provide you and your patients with excellent medical specialists and access to the most current medical technology.

Your answer

Regions Hospital currently partners with many medical clinics and hospitals in smaller communities throughout eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We custom-design our partnerships to best meet the needs of your clinic or hospital, your providers and your patients.

Partnership opportunities

Specialties in which partnerships are available include: