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Comfort & peace of mind

At the Birth Center, we want to keep you and your baby happy, healthy and comfortable. That’s why we made rooms that feel more like home. You'll also have peace of mind with our expert team of caring specialists and use of the latest technology.

How you have your baby is completely up to you. We support choices, traditions and mothers who would like a natural childbirth. We also have birth options such as hydrotherapy and water birth for women who are low risk for complications.

And if an emergency does occur, there isn’t a better place to be than Regions. Our team is always on site and ready to respond to any situation in an instant.

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Baby-Friendly Hospital

Regions Hospital is a certified Baby-Friendly birth center as designated from internationally accredited Baby Friendly USA. We offer the most optimal level care for breastfeeding mothers.

Safe labor and delivery

Regions Hospital is one of the best in the nation for protecting the health of babies and mothers by making sure babies are full-term before they are born.

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