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Aortic and Valvular Heart Disease Clinic

Streamlined treatment gets you back to your life faster

Our Aorta and Valvular Heart Disease Clinic combines our cardiology and cardiovascular surgery departments into one team. For you, this means a more streamlined treatment. If you have valvular heart disease (like aortic stenosis--a narrowing of the aortic valve–or mitral regurgitation) or aortic disease (like a dissection or aneurysm), you can receive advanced surgical and medical therapies all in the same care center.

Your treatment can begin sooner with fewer visits because our team shares information to complete your diagnosis right away. This usually begins with a complete evaluation that could include a cardiology consultation, a surgical consultation, cardiac imaging and studies such as catheterization.

Once you and your team agree on a treatment plan, you’re ready to begin therapy. After therapy, you’ll receive intensive follow-up and support. Since technologies and therapies are always improving, your team may adjust your after-care so you can take advantage of the latest advances.