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Patient story: heart attack

As an engineer working on Regions Hospital’s 2009 expansion project, Mike already knew a little bit about us—but he learned a lot more on the July morning when he became a patient at Regions Hospital Heart Center.

Over a period of several weeks, Mike noticed a few quick bursts of chest discomfort, but they didn’t feel serious enough for him to see a doctor. When he got home after a 10-mile bike ride one morning, Mike started feeling severe chest pain, and soon developed nausea and shortness of breath. He called 911; the emergency medical services (EMS) team that arrived performed an electrocardiogram that showed he had suffered an acute heart attack.

The EMS team took Mike straight to the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Regions Hospital, where the cardiac catheterization team was on standby for his arrival. Right away, the team performed a coronary angiogram, which showed a blockage in Mike’s right coronary artery. The fast-acting team opened the artery with a coronary stent that restored blood flow to the muscle.

A mere 31 minutes elapsed between the EMS team’s arrival at Mike’s home to the placement of the stent in his artery. After a happily uneventful recovery, Mike is back to work and feeling better than ever.