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Women’s Heart Health Program

We address the unique needs of women to help conquer heart disease

Did you know cardiovascular disease is the number-one cause of death for American women, and more than one in three women currently has some form of cardiovascular disease? Our Women’s Heart Health Program is trying to lower those numbers.

Because women’s cardiovascular symptoms and their responses to treatment are very different from men’s, our program focuses on assessment, diagnostic, prevention and treatment strategies tailored just for women.

Personalized care begins with a comprehensive screening for risk factors such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and excess weight.

For women whose screenings show a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease, we have wellness education and resources, including ways to reduce stress, eat right, exercise and quit smoking.

We will coordinate with your primary physician to create a personalized health strategy that includes your health history and future needs.

If diagnostic tests are needed, our high-tech tools help identify problems quickly. And if treatment is needed, our physicians work with the patient to develop a plan to get her back to a healthier, more active life.