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Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (HWP)

Health and Wellness Program Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (HWP) provides mental health services to deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people of all ages. It is located at Regions Hospital and is part of the Behavioral Health Department. HWP offices are on the 2nd floor of the east building in room E2900.

The staff is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and experienced in understanding both the physical and mental health needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. They understand the nuances of both English and ASL and misunderstandings that can occur when trying to translate word-for-word or when trying to lipread. The staff is also familiar with deaf culture and the unique problems associated with various levels of hearing loss.

HWP offers a wide range of services focused not only on survival and minimizing vulnerability, but on empowerment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons who need help making well-informed choices about life issues.

The program provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive outpatient mental health services for individuals, families, and couples.
  • Psycho-diagnostic evaluation.
  • Inpatient mental health treatment.
  • Emotional and behavioral treatment for children and adolescents.
  • Community consultation, education and training.
  • Advanced training for graduate students.
  • Remote access psychotherapy.
  • Yearly professional workshop.

HWP is supported through a grant from the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Services/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division. It is through grants that HWP remains able to provide assistance when clients have no insurance or other means of payment.

HWP is open and accessible to all Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing people and their families.

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