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Orthopaedic trauma

For the treatment of injuries—from torn ligaments to broken bones, from sports injuries to car accidents—we are simply the best. With a world-class reputation and specialty-trained surgeons, the Regions Hospital team is one of the largest orthopaedic trauma groups in the country.

Pediatric trauma

Regions is the only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Our program staff includes one of the only dedicated pediatric orthopaedic trauma physicians in the nation, and we share a close alliance with the famed Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare located in the same medical complex.

Broken bones

From hips to toes, shoulders to fingers, joints to spine and pelvis, we specialize in the repair of broken bones, as well as the correction of bone deformity and non-union.

The Scapula Institute

Geriatric fracture

Hip fractures are a leading cause of hospitalization among the elderly. Regions Hospital has become nationally known as a leader in the treatment of geriatric orthopaedic conditions, and we are a regional referral center for care of patients with fractures, including arm, leg and spinal fractures.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to treating elderly patients. Our care starts in the hospital and extends to nursing facilities and transitional care units throughout the community, promoting an important concept we call The Continuum of Care.

  • We provide assessment of bone health and recommend treatment to help reduce loss of bone mass which occurs with aging.
  • We consult with providers caring for patients in nursing facilities to help find the right treatment, and when necessary, provide transport and hospitalization for injured or recovering patients.
  • Our skilled trauma surgeons go beyond repairing fractures.

Our outreach program includes nurse practitioners who provide post-operative care and non-operative care in many metro area facilities. This helps patients to receive care in convenient locations near their homes. We also work closely with several nursing homes, retirement facilities and assisted living communities to provide onsite fracture care when possible. Learn more.


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