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Family involvement

Having familiar faces around can help speed recovery. That’s why we encourage family participation in the rehabilitation process to the greatest extent possible.

Family conferences

A conference is held within the first two weeks of inpatient rehabilitation. The rehabilitation team reports on medical history, therapy progress and current abilities. The patient and the team provide input into the goals for rehabilitation. The rehabilitation plan and discharge options are discussed. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and address concerns.

Participation in therapies

We encourage family members to attend therapy sessions with their family member to learn ways to reinforce the skills learned from the rehabilitation team and prepare them for successfully returning the patient home.

Regions Hospital - Rehabilitation Institute - Participation in therapies

Time away from the hospital

Families are encouraged to take the patient on a day pass when both are ready. This time away from the hospital gives everyone a chance to practice skills learned in the rehabilitation program and to identify needs within the home environment.

Home assessment

This service is available to help patients, family and therapists identify and solve potential problems related to returning home. Therapists conduct an on-site home assessment with the patient to identify ways to remove barriers and improve accessibility.

Regions Hospital - Rehabilitation Institute - Home assessment

Rehabilitation journal

A rehabilitation journal is sometimes given to a patient to enhance communication between the patient, family and staff. Family members are encouraged to write down questions and concerns so staff can address them as quickly as possible.

Family/patient education

Times are established for family and loved ones to attend therapies and receive education on various aspects of care giving. Family and visitors are always encouraged to attend therapies with the patient.

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