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Program effectiveness

2010 Program Effectiveness as measured by the Functional Independence Measure (FIM):

Total of ratings in 18 different skills such as walking, eating, etc. which show the independence level of persons served. Each category is given a score from 1-7. A score of 7 indicates complete independence with a skill.

Regions Hospital - Rehabilitation Institute - Chart: 2010 FIM Effectiveness

2010 FIM Improvement

Functional Improvement from Admission to Discharge based on the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) Score Change

Regions Hospital - Rehabilitation Institute -  Graph: 2010 FIM Improvement

Discharge to 90 day follow-up

It is important to us that persons served in our rehabilitation program maintain or exceed their improvement once they leave the hospital. We regularly call them 90 days after discharge to find out how they are doing.

  • 95.7% of our patients’ functional performance is the same or better at 90 days after discharge.
  • The overall function and sustained improvement of persons served in our program is better than the national benchmark at 90 days after discharge.
Chart: 2010 FIM Score

Patient satisfaction

The opinion about care and services of persons we serve is one of the most important indicators of our quality of care. In 2010, we used a national satisfaction survey group (Picker) to obtain patient satisfaction ratings. This data helps us to understand the needs of those we serve and drives improvement in our programs.

Of those persons discharged from our inpatient rehabilitation facility, 78.74% stated that they would recommend Regions Hospital for their rehabilitation care. This percentage exceeded our goal of 74.2% and ranks us higher than 78% of all other hospitals nationally. We also encourage persons served in our program to participate fully in their rehabilitation care. 84% of persons served stated that our doctors listened carefully to them. This places us at the 90th percentile among other national hospitals.

Some of the comments in the surveys returned to us include:

“We were impressed by the caring nature and knowledge of the staff.”
—Mary S., Wife of patient

“I have never in my life seen a group of professionals so uniformly committed to seeing that every ““I”” is dotted and every ““T”” is crossed.” “Here at Regions Hospital, you have turned excellence into a fine art.”
—Robert B., Patient