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Quality of rehabilitation services

Regions’ Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is accredited by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. This accreditation ensures that the rehabilitation unit provides care meeting national standards of quality in the field of rehabilitation. The definition of what constitutes ‘quality’ in rehabilitation programs can vary from person to person.

However, some commonly accepted indicators of quality are:

  • The organization seeks feedback from you on your satisfaction with the services provided.
  • Your plan of care is developed by a team of rehabilitation professionals and yourself. The plan of care incorporates your unique needs and preferences.
  • The organization is responsive to your questions about your plan of care and services provided. The organization makes sure that you have and understand the information you need.
  • Your plan of care is individualized to meet your unique needs.
  • The mission of the organization should reflect the belief that 1) the customer is always right and 2) should be highly satisfied with the services provided and the rehab providers.

By asking questions and observing providers on-site, you can get an idea of whether the organization delivers the quality of services you would like to receive.

The following types of information are important to obtain:

  • Types of services covered by your insurance
  • Range of services offered at the facility
  • Location of different services and which hours they are available
  • Satisfaction of those who are currently receiving services