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Rehabilitation psychology

Changes in health and physical abilities can be stressful to you and your family and caregivers. Regions Hospital Inpatient Intensive Rehabilitation Program is here to help you learn to cope with this stress and reach your goals.

When coming to the inpatient program, the rehabilitation psychologist will conduct a comprehensive interview and create a personalized care plan for you. With your permission, this process may involve family members or care providers to help gather your health history.

Common topics addressed include:

  • Understanding the thoughts and feelings that affect behavior and recovery. Patients may learn strategies from behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapies to manage these thoughts and feelings.
  • Stress management
  • Grief coping
  • Sexuality and sexual function following illness or injury
  • Getting the most out of rehabilitation therapy
  • Staying well after discharge

Once discharged from inpatient rehabilitation, many people will continue to have sessions with the psychologist. These sessions may focus on adjustment, depression, anxiety and behavior problems that can impact your recovery. Work and life planning may also be discussed.