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Wheelchair seating

Wheelchair seating and mobility is a specialized area of rehabilitation medicine. Successful delivery of a wheelchair and seating system begins with determining that the person has an impairment requiring the use of a mobility device. The needs of the person, as well as of the caregiver, are paramount.

The goal of our Wheelchair and Mobility Evaluation Team is to help each person achieve the most mobility and function that is possible by selecting the equipment best suited to his or her unique needs.

Regions Hospital - Rehabilitation Institute - Wheelchair seating

About the program

We use an interdisciplinary team approach for each evaluation. This includes a physical therapist and a trained adaptive seating specialist from a community vendor selected by the person and family. This team of professionals works together with the person to identify current and future equipment needs.

  1. The team provides a formal report with detailed recommendations for custom manual or power wheelchairs, positioning equipment and related equipment.
  2. We send the formal report to the family, the referring physician and the health care funding source.
  3. After the wheelchair and other adaptive equipment are delivered, the team makes adjustments and modifications that may be needed.

Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic

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