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Work injury prevention

Many work injury prevention services have helped companies reduce injuries, increase productivity of workers and improve the company’s bottom line. Our licensed physical therapists, with advanced training and certification in work injury prevention, can help your company accomplish these great results! Is this worth the investment? YES! According to the National Safety Council, for every dollar a company spends on medical costs, they will also spend 4–8 times that on indirect costs. For example, API Group, after an investment of $7,100 in prevention services, realized a cost savings of $4,320,000 over a three-year period.


The performance of a Work Risk Analysis (WRA) identifies the work stressors associated with common musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) by observing the three key influences—the work station, work tasks and the worker’s technique. The information from the analysis provides the foundation for prevention training. Management and workers receive on-site training focusing on the aspects uniquely important to each group.


Avoidance of MSD and caring for the working body:

  • Advantage of early intervention
  • Anatomy
  • Early warning signs
  • Ergonomics
  • Worker technique
  • Work-specific stretching programs


Supervisors are critical for the success of prevention programs. Managers receive training similar to that of employees in addition to:

  • Creating worker self-responsibility
  • Injury prevention awareness
  • Return to work planning
  • Workplace culture and its impact


Functional job description

A functional job description (FJD) is an essential tool for new employee placement and hiring. It objectively measures job demands and contributes to your legal protection through ADA compliance. We accomplish this by observing the worker performing the job, collecting measurements at the work station and documenting tools and materials handled. The result is a written job description which is easy to understand and guides your decision-making.

Pre-work screen

How can you determine if a newly-hired employee is able to perform the physical demands of a job?

A Pre-Work Screen (PWS) is a pre-employment post-offer test based on the essential functions and critical demands identified in a job-specific FJD. The PWS will help you avoid work-related injury costs by matching the worker to the work. Developing the screen is a team effort with the consultant, workers and supervisor working collaboratively. The result is a physical test that can be completed at your work site or at our clinic.

Work injury prevention brochure

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