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In our patients’ words


Regions Hospital - Birth Center - Chris & Erin's new baby boy

Birth Center – Chris & Erin’s new baby

After independently researching what type of birth experience they wanted, Chris and Erin chose the Birth Center at Regions. They began with classes, which eventually led to a customized experience that allowed for immediate skin-to-skin contact with their new baby boy in the delivery room.

Regions Hospital - Emergency Center - Jeremy's amazing recovery

Emergency Center – Jeremy’s amazing recovery

After sustaining critical injuries from a motorcycle accident, local tri-athlete Jeremy Sartain was rushed to the Emergency Center at Regions Hospital. Along with the help of his family, friends, and the team at Regions, he was able to return to national competitions. He’s also back on his motorcycle.

Regions Hospital - Heart Center - Al Tsai's story of survival

Heart Center – Al Tsai’s survival story

Al Tsai and his family detail his life-saving experience in the Heart Center at Regions Hospital after collapsing one afternoon from cardiac arrest.

Regions Hospital - Neurosurgery - Jessica’s brain tumor recovery

Neurosurgery – Jessica’s brain tumor recovery

After noticing weakness in her left foot, Jessica was surprised to learn that she had a brain tumor. She consulted with doctors in Neurosurgery and decided to undergo surgery at Regions to remove the tumor. Jessica had a successful operation and completed her physical therapy at Regions. Today she feels as good as new.

Regions Hospital - Orthopaedics - Willie's return to basketball

Orthopaedic Surgery

High school basketball coach and Regions Hospital employee Willie Braziel likes to be in on the action. So when his knee collapsed while playing basketball, he refused to be sidelined. Once Willie had Orthopaedic Surgery and completed rehabilitation at Regions, he was back on the court coaching.

Regions Hospital - Spine Center - Vince's back recovery

Spine Center – Vince’s back recovery

Vince had been limping for three months due to pain in his right leg. As an employee, he had seen the high level of care at Regions firsthand. So he knew he wouldn’t have to go far for his back surgery. After a successful operation at Regions’ Spine Center, he began physical therapy the next day.

Regions Hospital - Level I Adult & Level I Pediatric Trauma Center - Bill's skydiving survival story

Trauma Center – Bill's skydiving survival story

When an accident caused by a malfunctioning parachute left Bill with a compound fracture in his left leg, a broken femur, shattered pelvis, dislocated right leg, a broken nose, a shattered cheek bone, broken teeth, a torn femoral artery, and a back broken in two places, he was airlifted to the Trauma Center at Regions. When asked about his experience at Regions, Bill jokes, “If they have all your parts, they are going to try to put you back together.” Bill’s in much better shape today. He’s even skydiving again.

Patient quotes


My mom and dad were both in Regions ER at the same time. My mom had broken her foot and my dad needed emergency surgery to remove a large portion of his small intestine. My dad stayed in the hospital for 25 days. That’s a long time! Long enough that we started to know all the nurses by name and we were having conversations about things that happened over the weekend with them. Regions staff and security helped us make arrangements to bring our dog to visit. Our dog, Quinn, spent an entire evening with a different family one night who were going through a difficult time losing a family member. Next month I’ll be having sinus surgery and I’m actually really excited to spend a night at Regions, because of all the great work they do.
- Liana J.

Working for the state of Minnesota has allowed me the opportunity to spend extended amounts of time working at Regions. I have noticed all the employees share one thing in common: their patients come first. I have [seen] them go above and beyond what would be considered of any heath care professional to see to it that not only the patients are taken care of, but also that their families are not left “out of the loop.” Passion for what’s right isn’t something that is learned or taught in a book.
- Shane W.

I was a patient at Regions a few years ago. Everyone from the doctors to the nurses and all the medical assistants couldn’t have been nicer. They didn’t treat me like any other patient…they treated me like I was part of their family. With that said…what time do you want me there for dinner?
- Stew S.

Mental Health Center

[I am the] mother of a mentally ill daughter. Behavioral Health at Regions has kept our family together under very hard circumstances.
- Amy E.

Cancer Center

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is an unbelievable reality. Without the direction of the Breast Health Center at Regions, I do not know if I would have come through it as well as I did. From the moment of diagnosis, they helped put a plan into place that made some of the shock subside. With the wonderful surgeon, nurses and staff I believe I am here today because of all of them. Thank you!
- Elizabeth F.

Birth Center

This is baby number five, due New Year’s Eve, and after an appendicitis with number two, and swine flu with number four, they are who I trust for all expected and unexpected moments in life. Thank you Regions!
- Ana N.

Orthopaedic Surgery

I had surgery at Regions at the end of June, and the nurses and doctors made me feel like I was the only person in the hospital. Surgery went great and my scars from the incision are non-existent!
- Cindy T.

Burn Center

My 94-year-old mother was involved in a fire with extreme smoke inhalation. She was flown to Regions with a 1% chance to live. Nine days later we were bringing her to our local hospital for rehab. Regions Hospital has a wonderful ER, and the Burn Center is out of this world with very caring, compassionate nurses and other staff. We were so blessed to be at Regions.
- Carol F.

Heart Center

My father-in-law had triple by-pass surgery in 2010. He was a cranky old man because he didn’t want to be in the hospital. The nurses at Regions were so good to him and made his stay more relaxing for all of us. It was a surprise to us all that he had to have surgery, and they helped us cope with the shock of it. The heart surgeon was very in-depth when explaining the procedure, which helped my father-in-law who didn’t want the surgery to be done. Thanks to the nurses and surgeons, he finally realized he wouldn’t get better unless he had it. The surgery and recovery went so well thanks to all the support from Regions.
- Kelsey L.

Spine Center

I am going here for pool therapy following a back fusion surgery. This hospital’s focus is on patient care and treating all people the same (great). A person can tell by environment right away these people care and like their job.
- Nicole B.