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Specialty certification

At Regions we are very proud of our many nurses who have achieved a specialty certification. Certification enhances our nurses professionally and personally, it validates a nurse’s knowledge, skills and commitment to their nursing practice. Certification is strongly encouraged and highly valued at Regions. When certification is achieved, our nurses receive professional and financial recognition on an annual basis.

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Meet some of our certified RNs

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Annabelle mones nurse at regions

“Achieving my certification in orthopedic nursing has given me more confidence in my clinical judgments and has allowed me to provide the greatest level of quality patient care.” “I highly encourage all nurses to consider certification in their specialty area!”

—Annabelle Mones RN, BSN, ONC

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Melinda Ganapin nurse at regions

“As a nurse educator, I am a firm believer of lifelong learning. Obtaining a specialty certification has personal and professional perks :increase in confidence and credibility, recognition, and financially. The most important aspect though is that it benefits patients and families. I feel that it comes to a full circle having the knowledge and skills in addition to the compassion we give in achieving the best care and best experience for our patients.”

—Melinda Ganapin RN, BSN, ONC, Practice and Education

Regions Hospital - For Nurses - Lauren Harmeyer nurse at regions

“I am committed to providing the best care I can. Achieving med-surg and neuroscience certifications has increased my confidence in my nursing ability. I feel more prepared to care for complex patients with multiple diagnoses. I was very proud of myself for achieving these certifications.”

—Lauren Harmeyer RN, BSN, RN-BC, CNRN NeuroSurgical