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Spiritual care


Chaplains are available to give spiritual and emotional support to you and your family as you adjust to your illness or injury. They are also there for times of crisis, transition and loss. They can be called upon for blessings, prayers or rituals, discussions on treatment and end-of-life decisions, support with grief and loss, support and care at the end of life. They may provide expertise in Bible sacred texts or other devotional materials, and referrals to community-based faith organizations that provide specific religious support to hospitalized patients (The Jewish Healing Program, Muslim Building Blocks, etc).

Chaplains are in the hospital Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Catholic priests are in the hospital daily to offer sacramental ministry to Catholic patients and to offer daily Mass in the hospital chapel. Chaplains and priests are available 24/7. To request a chaplain or Catholic priest visit, you may call the Chaplaincy Department at 651-254-2072, call the hospital operator (dial “0” from any phone in the hospital) or simply ask your nurse.

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The Chapel welcomes people of all religious faiths and spiritual traditions. Security staff will unlock the chapel door after 10 p.m. upon request. Please coordinate this with a nurse. Current services include daily Catholic Mass, Friday Muslim prayer service and Wednesday prayer service.

Location: 2nd Floor, Central section
Hours: open 24 hours a day