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Cardiovascular surgery

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Your cardiovascular surgery team is highly skilled at all types of cardiac surgery. From the most common like coronary artery bypass grafting and aortic-valve replacement, to more complex procedures like surgical treatments for adult congenital heart disease and techniques for evaluating thoracic aorta pathology.

One of the procedures our team excels at is mitral-valve repair. This improves heart function for patients whose mitral valve leaks (or regurgitates) blood backwards, by repairing the valve and stopping this leak.

Our team begins each mitral-valve repair by looking closely at why the valve is leaking. We then determine whether it’s possible to repair the valve instead of replacing it with a mechanical or bioprosthetic valve. Our surgeons use leading-edge technology to identify the reason for the leak and how to replace or repair it. Their options include 3-D transesophageal echocardiography, which uses an ultrasonic probe to create an animated image of the mitral valve in real time while the heart is beating.