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Bioness H200 hand rehabilitation system

The Regions Hospital Occupational Therapy Department offers advanced technology for people who have experienced weakness or loss of function in their hand or arm following a stroke or other neurological injury. Our occupational therapists have received specialized training in the use of the Bioness H200 as a way to help you improve the use of your hand so it can be used in the performance of daily activities such as dressing and bathing.

Regions Hospital - Rehabilitation Institute - Bioness H200 - Hand Rehabilitation System

The Bioness H200 is a splint which is custom-fitted to each patient and provides mild electrical stimulation to the hand and forearm with the goal of enhancing function in different muscle groups. Therapy sessions with the splint can begin in the acute care setting shortly after a stroke and continue into the outpatient setting. You may choose to purchase the splint to continue rehabilitation at home.

Some of the benefits of using the splint in stroke rehabilitation include:

  • Improvement of voluntary movement of the hand
  • Improvement of functional use of the hand
  • Maintenance or improvement of range of motion
  • Improvement of local blood circulation
  • Reduction of spasticity
  • Prevention or slowing of muscle atrophy
  • Improvement in sensory awareness of the weak arm

You may be a candidate for the Bioness H200 if you have an injury to the central nervous system resulting in a loss of movement in your arm or hand. Some examples of central nervous system injuries are stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury at the C5-6 level or Parkinson’s disease. You will not be able to use the splint if you have an arm dislocation or fracture or have certain types of pacemakers.