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Ways to give

There are many ways to give - and you can give the way you want. The Foundation will work with you to help you make an impact. Big or small, your gift goes a long way.


Give Now

Your contribution helps provide programs, equipment and services the hospital otherwise couldn’t afford. It helps drive our mission to be the community’s patient-centered hospital of choice.


Planned giving

Leave a meaningful legacy for you, your family and Regions patients.

Planned giving


Volunteer or attend an event

You support Regions Hospital Foundation when you volunteer at or attend an event, such as our annual wine auction.

Attend an event

Email us to volunteer


Host a fundraiser

Support a cause you’re passionate about. Email a proposal and find tips here.

Host fundraiser

Ellen’s story: A nurse pays it forward

As part of the SANE program, specially trained nurses provide prompt, compassionate care to sexual assault victims while properly collecting forensic evidence.

Ellen is leaving a portion of her estate to establish a continuing education fund for SANE nurses. She recently withdrew a portion of her retirement funds to establish a current endowment for the program. “Why wait until I die?” she said.

Get more information on how you can leave a lasting legacy through a planned gift to Regions Hospital Foundation.

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Why we gave

What’s moved others, including many patients and their families, to donate to Regions.

Mickman’s mission

Sarai Mickman’s husband Jim was a physician at HealthPartners – and a patient. When he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive cancer, he offered his guidance to others with brain tumors.

Even with his knowledge of the health care system, he and Sarai still needed help navigating Jim’s option and coordinating care between specialties and support services. To help other patients from becoming overwhelmed with their illness, Jim encouraged HealthPartners to create a specialized Neuro-Oncology Clinic.

Jim died in March 2013 after a four-year battle with cancer. Donations in his memory help the Neuro-Oncology Cinic carry on his advocacy work.

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HeroCare for vets

Lee Anderson’s company, APi Group, Inc., hires an average of 200 veterans each year. He and his wife Penny know how veterans need help transitioning their skills to the workplace.

That’s why they decided to become the primary benefactors of the Lee and Penny Anderson HeroCare Program for Veterans at Regions. HeroCare provides veterans the best, military-informed care. This includes mental health care for psychological wounds from combat.

In addition to contributions from the Andersons and APi Group, HeroCare has received major funding from Wells Fargo and the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation.

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Sharing at Work

In 2013, Regions and HealthPartners employees raised $549,000. With a matching contribution from HealthPartners, the campaign raised more than $1 million.

Staff donations benefit patient care, medical research and the education of health professionals throughout the organization.

Tom Kottke, MD, a cardiologist at HealthPartners, is a physician leader of the Sharing at Work program. He undoubtedly speaks for many when he says, “If I can give back to the community and make it a little better, that gift will multiply itself.”

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Terry’s story: Why he gave to the Cancer Care Center

When Terry Sarazin visited a HealthPartners Specialty Clinic for carpal tunnel surgery, he pointed out a few pimples on his face and neck. After removal and testing, it was discovered that an earlier case of melanoma had reappeared, this time spreading to his lymph nodes. “The professionals were first rate and showed a lot of teamwork.”

When Terry didn’t qualify for a clinical trial, Balkrishna Jahagirdar, MD, a HealthPartners oncologist, suggested radiation therapy. “He never gave up on me,” Terry said of Dr. Jahagirder.

The treatment worked, and despite occasional flare-ups, Terry is an active octogenarian, pursuing his passions for golf and travel. He continues to see specialists at Regions and HealthPartners.

“I want to help these good folks.”

A contribution to the Cancer Care Center was an easy choice for Terry and his wife Barb. “If they treat others like they treated me, that’s an impressive hallmark.”

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