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Frequently asked questions

How long does the application process take? Can I start right away?

The entire application process usually takes 3–4 weeks to complete. We highly encourage applicants to begin the process up to one month before they would like to begin volunteering.

I don’t see the position I am interested in on the listing of opportunities. Can I request to volunteer in a department which isn’t listed?

Not every department has a need or the resources to accommodate volunteers. The programs listed have been developed to utilize volunteers effectively. We are not usually able to accommodate placement of volunteers in departments not listed.

How many hours do most volunteers work?

Most volunteers start out with one two to four hour shift a week. Volunteers who are interested in picking up additional shifts are encouraged to discuss options with their coordinator. Both flexible and regular weekly scheduling are available.

Are there any opportunities in the evenings or on the weekends?

Yes, however, opportunities are limited and usually fill up quickly due to their popularity. Please refer to the "Opportunities" section for more information on programs with evening and weekend availability.

I would like to work with children or babies. Is that a possibility?

If you are interested in working with children, we encourage you to explore our Project Read program in our HealthPartners Clinics. A program description can be found in the HealthPartners Opportunities section. We have very few positions with pediatric or infant contact at Regions and do not currently have a baby rocking program.

I see that I need a health screening. Is that something I will have to pay for?

No. All medical screening involved with volunteering is covered if it is done through our Employee Health Service.

Will I need to pay for my parking while volunteering?

No. Parking is free of charge to volunteers during their volunteer shift.

I need to fulfill some community service hours. Can I do them through Regions or HealthPartners? What about court-ordered community service hours?

It depends. We are not able to accept volunteers with misdemeanor or felony charges other than minor driving violations. Also, all volunteers must be able to fulfill the required six month commitment regardless of the number of hours they need.

Do you offer opportunities to shadow physicians or other medical staff?

We do not offer these opportunities at this time.

Do you offer internships?

Individual departments coordinate their own internships. If you are interested in interning in a specific department, we encourage you to call that department directly to inquire about internships. The Volunteer Services department does take a limited number of interns each semester for those interested in volunteer management or volunteer program development. If interested, please contact 651-254-2717 for more information.

Can I use my volunteer work as an internship or to fulfill service learning hours for my school?

We are gladly able to verify your volunteer hours for school or other purposes, however, the Volunteer Service department staff are not able to serve as internship supervisors or sign off on hours for internships, practicums or contact hours.

I am interested in working in a position where I can observe physicians working with patients, is this an option?

Generally speaking, volunteers will not have the opportunity to observe physicians working with patients during the course of their volunteer work.

Is there an age limit for volunteering?

The minimum age for volunteering is 15 years old. There is no upper age limit.

I would like to find employment at Regions or HealthPartners. Am I guaranteed a job by volunteering?

No, all employment is arranged through our Human Resources Department.

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