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Think First program

Each year in Minnesota, 10,000 people sustain head or spinal cord injuries. Most of these injuries are preventable. The age group with the highest risk is young people, ages 15–24. Think First is a national program focused on teaching young people to make responsible decisions about their health and safety. As a sponsor of this program, Regions Hospital offers Think First programs to local schools in an effort to reduce the number of head and spinal cord injuries.

The Think First program focuses on facts and personal testimony of a young, injured person who challenges students to use their minds to protect the rest of their bodies. The speaker talks openly about the injury and the resulting physical, psychological and social changes that have occurred as a result of their accident. There are also videos and slides presented to further reinforce the impact a head or spinal cord injury can have on a young person’s life.

For more information about the Think First Program presented by Regions Hospital, please call 651-254-2064.

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